here's what to do...


Your prep is the most important part of getting a perfect spray tan.  Our spray technicians can perform flawless tans, but the canvas is your responsibility....

  • all spray tans (yes, even the express-wash-off-after-2-hours kind) take 12 - 24 hours to develop into their full colour. We recommend you get your spray tan 48 hours before the event
  • in the run up to getting your tan, look after your skin.  Stay hydrated, moisturise regularly and exfoliate.
  • remove unwanted body hair (no less than 24 hours before getting a spray tan).  Any less and your skin might be too sensitive.
  • exfoliate your entire body(12 - 24 hours before).  Pay special attention to dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet and then moisturise some more
  • prepare loose fitting, dark clothes, underwear to change into after your tan
  • we recommend a patch test prior to every treatment


  • on the day of your tan skin should be fresh and bare - this means free from all products - moisturisers, old tan, makeup, perfume, deodorant, body odour ( ! )  and oils etc.
  • remove all jewellery (unless you don't mind the tan lines)
  • tie your hair back
  • get your gear off ! Leave your knickers/bikini on or put on one of our disposable G strings and hair nets
  • step into the booth and relax, we've got it from here


  • whilst your tan is developing avoid water (not the drinking kind!) - the showering, rain and perspiration kind.... and do not apply any products to your skin
  • after the 2 - 8 hours development time (depending on the tanning solution) have a quickie water-only shower: no soap, no shampoo, no sponge - just a 30 second rinse off in lukewarm water
  • remember that although you have washed the spray tan solution off your skin, it is still developing for the first 24 hours......
  • for the first 24 hours only have a quick showers, no soap and not to hot
  • after showers ALWAYS pat dry - don't rub!    Rubbing = rubbing off your tan
  • in the following days you can shower as normal using a pH balance body wash


  • apply a natural moisturiser 2 x daily
  • stay well hydrated
  • shower as normal, using a pH balanced shower gel
  • after showering always pat skin dry - don't rub
  • exfoliate your skin very gently every 3-4 days to ensure even fading
  • avoid prolonged swimming and soaking in a long hot bath, it will reduce the length of your tan
  • waxing/shaving will strip off the top layers of your skin, and will reduce your tan
  • did we already mention moisturising?!  It doesn't matter, do it some more